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January 27 2010
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January 27 2010

Posted by: Raymond Talavera on Wed, Jan 27, 2010

God's peace,
 Bless the Lord, all is well!
 However, please forgive this somewhat lengthy e-mail that I've prepared, but I do so in order to insure that everything continues to be well, and to make sure that we are on "the same page" in terms of some important areas.
 *First, a review of what was shared in last night's Prayer Service: many brethren from congregations in Brooklyn and Manhattan are giving of their time and energy to canvass our entire area this Saturday from 1-4pm, handing out flyers for the Benefit Concert that has been organized for us by Evangelist Manny Morales and others working with him. It is supposed to snow on that day, but so far nothing has been cancelled, and they intend to come and do this for us to the glory of God.
  The Concert itself will be from 5pm - 8pm at the Fourth Presbyterian Church building.
 I am asking every leader and member of our Church to come this Saturday for at least 1/2 hour to support the event, but more than this, to say thanks to every single brother and sister from Brooklyn, Manhattan, and any other place for showing us this incredible love as they reach out to help us. I myself will be there the entire day, but I only ask for a minimum of 1/2 hour of your time. Of course, if you'd like to stay more, that's great too!
 *Next: please remember that, as I have been saying since we were attacked, we are in "casa ajena" (not our own house) while we are at Fourth Presbyterian, and thus we should focus on being the best guests possible. Therefore, please note the following:
1. During Service, I am asking that everyone be in the Sanctuary, especially for the Word, and not in the Foyer (the area where you first walk in), or in the Children's room (unless you are a Parent, or part of the Children's Dept. staff). These areas are to be kept clear during Service.
2. Please do not leave any of your personal belongings behind after Service. This includes your Bibles. Pastor Bradley called me to say that various items were found after Sunday's Service, and he asked me what to do with them. Therefore please be mindful of your personal effects.
3. In both the Tabernacle and Temple, there was a "Sea of Bronze", which was a huge basin containing water that all priests had to use to before ministering. Likewise, we all "wash off " the effects of our busy workdays by spending time before the Lord when we come into the House of Prayer. Therefore, please note that all Church leaders and Cell Group coordinators, and those who minister during the Service as Ushers, Worship Leaders, InterpretersAV Staff, or who will lead in Prayer, Prepare and/or Pray for the Offering, Dismiss the children, and do the Sign of Peace, or Teach the Children must arrive no later than 5:30pm on Sunday and 6:30pm on Tuesday so they can have some time in prayer before serving. No one will be allowed to minister if they are just walking in off the street. Thank you for your understanding and support in this very important matter.
4. We have been given the opportunity to use the Side Street Kids facility this Sunday from 9:30 - 11:30am for prayer and sharing. This does not replace our 6pm Service, nor does it replace participation in a Cell Group. I need to know by Friday morning who is interested in participating with me this Sunday at Side Street. If there are not at least 10 people who confirm, we will not meet at those times and will only have our 6pm Service. Please respond to this e-mail if you would like to have this additional time on Sunday morning.
5. Please monitor our Website daily for the latest updates and announcements. This is our primary means of communication during this time. Church leaders and Cell Group coordinators are especially asked to visit the Website every day so they can answer any questions from the brothers and sisters who do not have Internet access.
 *Last but not least: Thank you so very much for your help as we continue to deal with our temporary situation as we joyfully await our return home! God's peace and joy to you now and always,
 Love in Christ,
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