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by josiahmetruman on May 5, 1:33am
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by morgannvmarsh on May 2, 3:18am
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by alexanderqsparker on Apr 15, 11:58pm
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fianances by manoj on Apr 27, 8:57am
fianancesI had been facing lots of financial problems for last many years I am in prayer but I don’t know why this is happening with me I am having lots of loans taken today which has become very hard to return the balance amount day by day the amount is increasing I have no sores as my earning is little and my monthly amount of repaying is VERY BIG I try to earn more but it is no possible I am unable to mange this big amounts. Please pray for a favor that financial miracle may come my way the soonest. I don’t ask for more that what I need to Lord. I just need the right amount that needs to clear all my debts.  The money matters had affected me emotionally. It has drained me. Because of this, sometimes I have restless and sleepless nights and can't help but to worry too much. Please pray for wisdom and guidance to handle every trial, circumstance and every difficult situation that I face each day. Please pray to Bind the enemy from holding back the funds needed to pay off my debt and from the curse of financial bondage. It has affected my relationship with family. I don’t know what to do. Please pray that Lord should Grant me miracle to able to stand again and recover from this trouble and burden.I am facing financial needs for very long time I need Lord Jesus Christ to remove all the curses, debts , and all bondages from my life , I fell disappointed and restless due all this things , please! Pray for blessings, protection and lord’s favor in my life please pray for my daughter she is suffering from thyroid and obesity I will be very thankful to your prayers and support me will be very thankful to your prayers and support.
PLS PRAY TO STOP MY DIVORCE CASE AND RESTORE MY MARRAIGEPrayer Request : Pls Pray to stop my Divorce case and Restore our marriage Praise the Lord! In need of a Blessing from the Lord.. Pls Pray for me to stop my divorce and restore marriage Due to some reasons and pressure from the elders from both the sides I have or had to agree to the terms of divorce by mutual consent and Filed it on Aug-22-2012 but I don't want divorce.... Please pray that God send my husband for Good and open the communication lines between us,to Speak to my husband, soften his heart, and return him to our marriage. to strengthen the relationship between my husband and me! That any barriers between us will be removed permanently and that we may have a lifetime of happpiness and love together   Pray for reconciliation of my marriage and stop the divorce case. Yours sister-in-Christ, Nirmala
[No Subject] by KOMAARAPU NARESH on May 15, 11:24am
[No Subject]
WE NEED YOUR PRAYER AND some free bible books, by KOMAARAPU NARESH on May 15, 11:24am
WE NEED YOUR PRAYER AND some free bible books, TO, THE, PASTOR’S, Greetings to you in the precious name of the jesus Christ .Here I am ‘NARESH’ fine and glad to wrote this letter to you. Always we are praying for you I am so thankful to our GOD, because you are helping to the poor kids. I hope GOD will give you more to give the poor people in India. We have street kids. We are praying to helping them. So kindly remember our desire in your daily prayers. we need your prayer and support .here in India my wife “Hepsiba’ and my self we both are taking pain for poor kids. and taking special time to praying for your family and also your ministry. Hope you here from you. Closing this mail with heartful thanks. (Gall;2;10) , (jocob;1;27), THANNGINGYOU , YOUR’S IN HIM, NARESH, Send Mail Address:- K.NARESH, EVANGELIST, INDIA, D/No:-2-73/a, Atkuru (po&village), G,Konduru (Mandal), Krishna Dt, Pin:- 521 229, Andhra Pradesh, South India, India, E-mail: My Phone & Cell No:- +91 995195 0627,
My Fertility by Kyoko Hidaka on Apr 26, 6:17am
My FertilityPlease pray for me and my husband so that I can conceive a baby. Thanks.
Need Prayer by John on Dec 29, 4:00pm
Need PrayerPlease pray that the Lord will heal me from depression and restore me. Pray that He will guide and direct me. Pray that He will open the door for the right job He wants me to have that i need. John
urgent prayer by alicia on Sep 28, 9:33am
urgent prayer

Please pray timelyresolutiaon to this whole trauma. Please pray that we do what we should about the house and the young adults involved.

collaborations by pastor jonathan on Sep 13, 6:00am
collaborationsI greet you in the name of our Majestic Lord Christ. my name is Pastor JONATHAN, I live in the region of Mwanza Tanzania East Africa, Married to mrs- Shalom a lot, Zawadi Rashid . God has blessed us with one babe boy of one and half years old called Emmanuel, We are living in reagion of Mwanza Tanzania. Sir, i have been pastoring a church since 2005 under THE CHUCH OFEVANGELISTIC ASSEMBLIES OF GOD OF TANZANIA {EAGT}, The church is located at JIWE KUU MWANZA . Dear sir / Madam GOD has call me for his work and i feel to do so. For all we need from you is collaborations /co-operations , And to build the kingdom of our Majestic King Jesus Christ with you. We are praying for you , May God give you a time to respond to our message. We are looking forward to hear from you soon, Yours in service Pastor Jonathan Mishael
Deliverance from dreamy world by Anonymous on Aug 20, 5:56am
Deliverance from dreamy worldMy parents always kept us in a false world they use to always teach us that they can provide us with whatever we want and they are so capable that they can do any thng for us. We use to believe and be comfortabel with whatever they say but the reality is so different. This has brought lot of painful moments in our life stress and strain has developed in us because of this I always have come mental block in me please pray that I will be healed from this.
Deliverance by AJ on Aug 19, 11:01pm

Pray that my husband was only interested in money . he married me thinking his finaancial life will be very well off. He cannot accpt me till today that because I don,t have wealth as per his expectation. He finds it really very difficult to believe that he is married to a poor girl with no financial assitance. Since I am from a poor background his family people took all his wealth and always say if you bring from your wifes house so much then only we will give you what belongs to you. Since I am very poor my in-law they alway treat me like a dirt and even if I have a good dress they will fight for it . Please pray that I will be out of it. Please pray that my life will change . My husband career life is a failure he says and believe that because of my arrival into his life always he suffer so much. Ours was a arranged marriage. Please pray that all curse will leave me and him and their be joy peace love and prosperity.

gospel work christain school childrenhome by pastor BBRao on Aug 12, 6:07am
gospel work christain school childrenhome MAKING DISCIPLES FOR CHRIST AND ESTABLISHING INDIGENOUS CHURCHES James 1:27 Mark 16:15 Children Home Evangelism Church Planting Bible school social activities for the poor& needy Not by might nor by my power but bymy spirit saith the lord of Hosts Zech 4:6 Church of Almighty God AGGWMInistries Regd 45/98 Reaching the world and preaching the saints Our Heart Beat Our vision is Christ, Our field is the World, Our assignment is Evangelism Knowing Him Making Him Known Living God Loving people- Loving life -HIS Pain is Our Gain Dear Brothers and sisters greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ – Mighty God, and Everlasting Father, “Who hath saved us and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.” (1 Tim 1:9] Promoting the good news of Jesus Christ through expanding, equipping, and encouraging the lost and hungry poor and needy through our indigenous and non-denominational AGGWMinistries 45/98 Doing three fold ministry ONE Feeding and uplift the Poor and needy through some social activities James 1:27 TWO Spreading the word of God winning souls for Christ Mark 16:15 Three Christian training- equip the saints for the work of the ministry, pastors support and church planting . About Myself : I Bro. Babuji [BBRao] pastor & founder working in Rajahmundry India ,lost my parents in my childhood an orphan by the grace of God I was called and doing this ministry emphasis on to demonstrate the love of Jesus through Word and Deed .Our ministry purely run by the free will offerings from brothers and sister who are common concern and committed with the mind of Christ like you. My name is BBRao and I would like to first thank God for all that he has done in my life without God nothing is possible .I thank him every day for blessing me with a wonderful wife, Teresa, and our three blessed children, Joseph15,Roosevelt13 Joyce 10 Our vision : Equip the Saints Being Effective And Productive In Christ - 2- Peter 1:8 .Edify the Saints to Grow In The Knowledge of Christ.- 2 Peter 3:18. Prepare and Present the Saints in the Glorious Presence of Christ Blameless and Spotless. - 1Timothy 6:14, Jude 24. Bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” [Proverbs 29:18]. Mission Statement: To Share the gospel of Jesus with everyone To Sow a seed of His word into each heart To Sing His praises in song and testimony To Serve God in this ministry and reach lost souls I glorified you on earth by completing, down to the last detail, what you assigned me to do. John 17:4 1Children Home Currently we have two children homes one at Rasjahmundry 20 and other at Koolla 10 children. In our home orphans, semi orphan street abandoned, destitute and poor children are cared in our children homes irrespective of caste or creed or religion and provide a home for them with food, clothing and education and to make children as happy as possible. To foster among them the spirit of service, self help, simplicity and sacrifice and to make them as good citizens of the nation. There are many orphans in our area and a good number of them are lack of feeding clothing education and medical assistance. Currently we have 20 children we feed them with spiritual and physically. We give them rented/temporary shelter feeding clothing and education books other needed things they need we have two places children home 15 details with everything I will be pleased send to you if you are willing to up hold these orphans I am pleased to send you pictures of proof if you really love orphans and fatherless, I don’t have any support from anywhere to our orphanage and totally depended upon our local contributions. Please let me hear from you as soon as possible. He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again. Pr 19:17 Matt 18:5 And whoever receive on such one child in my name receives me 2 Grace Bible Institute Equip Train Release our Destiny We admit 15 to 20 students for courses CTh DTh BTh nonresidential students due dearth of funds daily we conduct classes from 10 to 1 pm and 2pm to 4 pm every Saturday all the trainees should go outreach programs and for every fifteen days they should go for preaching nearby congregations to teach we appoint well qualified and experienced staff and our registrar studied BD in sirampur university India and our coordinator did M.Div and other staff are also qualified and trained we need your if you would like to see those pictures of students while the class is going on we would love to send you those My deepest desire is to bring spiritual and physical change in lives that will impact the nation of India for lord Jesus Christ. . Our aim is to reach India by training and raising up Christian leaders for the ministry, to see leaders empowered for divine assignments and to see new churches planted with the help of new power and new glory by holy spirit 3.Pastors working in rural and tribal[ small congregations] Presently we are working with 25 independent pastors among rural and tribal small congregations about 15 to 20 members each congregations. Pastor seminars also conducted in rural and tribal areas pray for the pastors to live for Christ pray for their needs like bycles bibles s monthly support training for untrained pastors help to their Sunday school children and widows. 4.Other Programs. Church planting, Free computer center Free medical eye camps for the poor and needy Free tailoring centers Bible quiz .Adult education programs to provide free education and through this the adults may read the Bible Tract distribution among villages monthly one time by autos we are caring only widows12 members only. If you are willing details I will send you. We request you pray and remember our programs in your daily supplications and in your special prayer meetings Prayer Request for the following OUR CURRENT NEEDS 1. We need two computers with monitors, Two tailoring machines,. Some slates note books to adult education learners in rural 25 villages 2 Free medical assistance to the poor .Stipend for bible students sponsors for orphan children Bibles for bible school students 3. Four wheeler for Gospel preaching Construction of churches and homes, Head quarter hostel and church building Beloved Brother we got your email after long searching of Google, we enjoyed about your website we need your prayers for our ministry. Please send your family picture We are doing ministry by free will offerings of likeminded Christian brothers and sisters like you for the common concern of uplift the poor and reaching Jesus to the unreached We have strong desire to evangelize 10 tribal villages and 25 rural villages completely through distribution of tracts and conduct mini meetings in streets and door to door to sharing of prayer and witness to many non Christian in those villages. We have 25 small congregational pastors who are very very poor and doing service independently without any help and they have 15 to 20 believers each congregation we wish to help them monthly support but we are not able to do because of paucity of funding. Pray for their families and their children they could not join their children in schools and they do not have meals daily they are walking and preaching Gods word among those areas some of them desperately need bicycles to Warm welcome to India: We invite U cordially Beloved if you are willing to conduct 100 to 1000 pastors /missionaries one day/ two days/ five day conference we are here to help your vision become true so we will arrange and organize everything and we cordially invite you to India to share the gospel to preach, teach and share your spiritual experiences with our independent pastors and people in India .If you are willing to visit /come to India I will prepare a budget and send you each pastor needs for one day training seminar We ask you direct contact .No mediator needed our mediator is Lord Jesus only, please contact me by email. I will immediately respond to your letter. if you would like to see our ministry pictures l send you via attachments to your email address God is calling U to serve in india Beloved in Christ Act now James1:27 lord gave you this opportunity to feed fatherless to reach unreached and to share the afflictions of poor and to uplift the poor and needy work with us in India in a fruitful way. Lord calls you my beloved brothers and sisters who are the heart and mind like Jesus use this this chance it wouldn't come again to you to serve the poor in India How to get involved? • TALK – with your families, friends and community groups about Vision for coming years Help us get the word out. • PRAY – please pray for our programs to train pastors to feed the orphans and widows to reach the unreached to assist the helpless pastors and church planting. • GIVE – It is purely on your will if lord touches you do something as a part of this great mission of doing Father will Matt 6:33 Waiting for your response prayerfully. "You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving." A. Carmichael Brothers /sisters if lord touches your heart to sponsor any one of the these programs [ Orphan /Bible School /Medical Camps /Gospel out Reach /Conduct meetings / Tailoring/ Free Computer Center for poor/ Slum School ] if you want to involve and support or sponsor we pleased to inform you we start that particular program on you ministry name or on your name only for this we totally agree with you We are ready to send you all pictures of our ministry activities if you are willing to see them We have no objection and willing with great pleasure to start any program on your name or on your ministry name our ultimate goal is to love, forgiveness, and acceptance of Jesus Christ. We are very grateful for all who contribute their time, prayers, and finances to wipe away tears from the orphans to assist poor pastors, support and sponsor bible college students and to uplift the poor and needy families in India. Special urgent Request Dearly beloved brothers and sister greetings in Jesus name Beloved here in our place there are many slum and poor students we are giving free tuition to them and their parents are poor and daily wage coolies..They are unable to pay fee so they can not send their children to school We are helping and providing good education and besides this we also aim to give free training in computer fundamentals but we need two computers our old computers damaged the cost of computers are only 450 $ pray for this. If you are willing we will start your ministry projects here in India AP My sole aim is to bring spiritual and physical change in lives that impact the nation of India God has done great things! Let God alone be glorified! God bless you all With Much love and prayers, Yours in winning the lost for Christ, Bond servants of Jesus Christ yours brother and sister TERESA BABUJI Founder Pastor BBRao Non denominational ,loving- obeying and proclaiming Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path.”Ps 119:105 Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3 For I am waiting for you, O Lord. You must answer for me, O Lord my God.~ Psalm 38:15 People of this globe will agree with this three principles as To Glorify to His Name To feed the poor and fatherless and Salvation to All To know Christ to make Christ known Contact Address : Pastor Founder BBRao MA MEd BTh CAG P. O BOX .113 S R.Nagar Rajahmundry EGDT AP India My Phone number: +919441206106 land 0883-2124558 Email :
financial help by honey on Jul 17, 9:44am
financial helpI am in need of 3 to 4lacs to go foreign. I need to getjob visa and money then only i can go. pls pray for me so that I will get good job and money so that i can make my future and help my parents. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me so that i will go to foreign. I will give that money back slowly slowly whoever helps me. Pls reply Thanku
pray for church land. by Rev.Arjun karma on Jul 15, 12:40pm
pray for church
pray for church land. And building by Rev.Arjun karma on Jun 30, 3:25pm
pray for church land. And buildingfrom Rev. Arjun ." light of life prayer center " burari Delhi- 110084 greeting to you all pastors in the name of our lord Jesus Christ . i am Arjun from Delhi . i am workink for Jesus Christ in Burari Delhi. if your Ready and give me a opportunity to work your organization .because our this church ministry is independent no any one back support . Than i am do part time job in school . but my vision is i do full time work for church and social ministry. your just pray God will open good way for me. ONE PRAYER REQUEST . we are need now one Church Building for worship . we have no big Space for fellowship . we are must need church building . if possible your help for this project . we are need your support . thank you. matthew 25 : 22-27 , jams 4:17 Hebrews 6 : 10
bibles by paul on Jun 27, 8:18am
bibles A 127 IDI OPE ELEYELE MKT RD ELEYELE IBADAN OYO STATE NIGERIA Dear beloved in christ my name is Godson paul i was a church goer untill one of my friend invited me to thier church after the sermon my understanding was opened then i realized that i am a lost sinner so i repented of my sins and gave my whole life to christ jesus is now my lord and messiah i did not stop i went ahead telling other friends to about jesus and to the glory of God 61 brothers and sister gave thier lives to christ we all are now born again christians believed that jesus is the son of God and saviour of the word but we all dont have bibles to read Gods word so we need your help dear beloved please kindly send to 62 of us 62 sixty two complete holy bibles and literatures through the above address by M-BAG SEA MAIL we all are ready too go out there with our bibles and lead other lost souls to christ God will bless you as you help us amen thanks yours all in christ bro Godson paul and friends
success in exam by deepa on Jun 26, 9:39pm
success in examDear brothers and sisters Please pray for my success in civil service preliminary examination which was held on 12 June 2011.Also please pray for my husband to get success in L.D.Clerk examination which will be held on 23 July 2011.
financial/job abroad by Manolito on Jun 25, 9:41am
financial/job abroad*My family is financially suffering for more than 6years now! I am in the edge of giving up! *I could no longer concentrate,on the ministry because of this financial curse,that we are experiencing. *My single motor which I am using for the ministry was carnapped by two gunmen! *I am asking God if He really called me to the ministry! *No one understands me & help me financially! *Pray for the church God has entrusted unto me! That He may touch someone would help me in this ministry! *Pray that God may destroy the works of the devil in our ministry! *Pray that May God lead us & our ministry to the land of milk & honey(financial, & spiritual blessing)

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