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Prayer Request: Healing

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Healing (Jan 12, 2010)

Prayer Request:
Please pray for Nadine, she is a 38 yr. old women who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and emphezema. She was admitted to Einstein today and is considered to be very sick. I had the pleasure to meet her in the hospital one day through Dilcia Zelaya and I ministered to her in love and we prayed for her and I ministered to her in song. She asked Dilcia for me because I thank God and to Him be all the glory Nadine was in awe at the peace that was left behing in her hospital room that evening. She left the following day back to her home. After some testing again she took ill and has lung cancer. Please pray for strength and comfort and that God will do HIs perfect will in Nadine. She accepted Christ and I know that she is in good hands. God Bless. 

   Discussion: Healing
Vivian Dindial · 12 years ago
Every time I think back and remember all those people that God put in my path,I remember the smiles of each and everyone of them that I made laugh in their death beds. Many came out of the hospital being saved and many got saved and God took them with Him. It's been a long journey but God has given me the grace to laugh about them even now when they are in heaven. One day I will see them all once again and we will all laugh together again. I love you all. God Bless.
Raymond Talavera · 12 years ago
This was a wonderful post, Vivian. May the Lord richly bless you for being there for people in such a crucial moment in their lives. You will have quite a welcoming committee when you reach the gates of Heaven! God's peace and joy, Pastor
Vivian Dindial Back · 12 years ago
Thanks Pastor for your kind words. I give God all the honor and glory because they come to memory sometimes and only God pulls me through all of their pain and sorrow as they agonize with their illnesses. God strengthens me and I strengthen them. I was visiting Nadine tonight and she was sooo glad to see us. (Mari, Dilcia, and I). We prayed over her anointed her with oil and sang to her. She had a brother from another church there and he sang with us too. Nadine said "I feel so much at peace". I replied "that's the whole purpose Peace.(Jesus embracing her in the room). I don't let the right hand know what the left hand does, but our ministry is so beautiful that we could write a book on all of the people God put in our path. Father we bless you for all the obedience we have shown to you. Yes we will have a welcoming committee but the best welcome will be from Jesus Christ when he says, "Well done thou good and faithful servants." God Bless

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