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Prayer Request: HEALING.

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HEALING. (Sep 3, 2011)

Prayer Request:

Good Day! Glory of Christ Church,

I'm Eduardo Jeffrey B. Serrona. Jr., 29 years old, Male from Catarman N. Samar, Philippines I would like to PRAY for me because i'm a victim Of EVIL SPELL/Withcraft/Voodoo spells, for more than 8 years now.
I have wounds on both my Arms that difficult to heal! like a small circle of wounds all over my Arms.
please Pray for me Everyday so that my different kind of Sickness will be healed and this Evil Spell will gone on my Body and my life.
that my Body will go back to normal! and my, my Mind. and also i have
different pains on my body like on and Off Fever,pain on my head, i feel that an insects walking on my Head, in my Two Arms.
and in my feet also i have wounds...

PRAY for me everyday sisters that my ATTITUDE will change because my attitude is very BAD!.. i'm Struggling to change my attitude since elementary and now i am an adult., i'm an Spoiled that's why my ATTITUDE now is very bad please help me to change it thru PRAYERS,and more Mature and Irresponsible human being and Adult this year and in the Coming years...
Sister, please PRAY for me to stay away from my Enemy's,BAD Gossips,Accidents,Envy's,Jealousy's from Me, and my Family., The SERRONA Family.

Please include in your Prayers to my mother: EDITH B.SERRONA.
Long life and Good Health!!.....



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