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Prayer Request: Prayer Request for Carlos

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Prayer Request for Carlos (Jul 2, 2011)

Prayer Request:

God's Peace everyone,


Many of you from Glory of Christ has met my friend Carlos - but for those of you who do not know him Carlos is disabled and in a wheelchair. He has very limited mobility as he can barely move his arms and has almost no control of his legs due to a stroke.

Carlos' wheelchair is in very poor condition. He can't make turns or move for fear that he will fall because the movements are sharp. He is constantly in fear of the battery dying and it is literally falling apart. In order to get it repaired, that we know of thus far, he would either have to wait at least 6 months or pay lots of money that neither he, nor my family, can afford at the moment.

Please join my family and I in prayer. God WILL provide him what he needs, and we are here to act as the vessels of the almighty. Please help us to pray for his strength and perserverance in the Lord. He has been experiencing many trials since he has accepted Christ.. Help us to pray for stronger faith for Carlos, and for a new chair by the grace of God!


Thank you all so much!

Rosa G.

   Discussion: Prayer Request for Carlos
Anonymous (anon) · 10 years, 5 months ago
My parents always kept us in a false world they use to always teach us that they can provide us with whatever we want and they are so capable that they can do any thng for us. We use to believe and be comfortabel with whatever they say but the reality is so different. This has brought lot of painful moments in our life stress and strain has developed in us because of this I always have come mental block in me please pray that I will be healed from this.

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